The Hollandse School is 100 years old! This very festive occasion will be celebrated on a great scale, spread over 100 days! Below you will find the programme for the centennial celebration.

Thursday 13 February 2020
Official opening 
Vernissage - in the National Museum of Singapore

The official opening of the centennial year will take place in the National Museum of Singapore. At this reception, a special exhibition of the Hollandse School will be revealed, together with the presentation of the Anniversary book to all current staff, Dutch and Singaporean political and corporate representatives, sponsors, and other stakeholders. This is an invite-only event.

Saterday 11 April 2020
Alumni party on Dutch soil

The alumni party is for everyone that has ever been involved with the Hollandse School: former students, but also their parents and of course former employees. Sharing memories, dancing, celebrating, and reminiscing over your time at the Hollandse School in Singapore with former classmates, other parents, and former colleagues. All ingredients for an unforgettable afternoon or evening! The afternoon program starting at 1 pm and ending at 5 pm is especially for young alumni ages 4 to 18 years and their parents. The 18+ alumni party starts at 7.30 pm and ends at 0.30 am. Order your tickets at Early bird tickets until 13 February 2020. Keep an eye on the website, the HSL social media channels, and Social Schools for updates!

Tuesday 31 March 2020
Children’s Theatrical in the Esplanade

A unique event for the students and parents of the Hollandse School. Not just because of the special location, but especially because all students of the Hollandse School (including Jip & Janneke kindergarten students aged 3 and above) will perform on the big stage. They will be the stars of the evening! The performance is choreographed by a professional team from the Netherlands, who will prepare the children for the spotlight! This performance is accessible for all the HSL-students and their family members, as well as alumni.

Wednesday 29 April 2020
Children’s Gala

This is the party that the students of the Hollandse School look forward to the most, because they will be the VIPs this evening! Red carpet, gala dresses and tuxedo ties, ‘all you can eat’ candy buffet, disco dancing, and staying up late. It’s the party of the century! The location for the children’s gala is still a secret! For the students of Jip & Janneke, the party will start and end a little earlier than for the groups 1 through 8. The ticket sales will be announced on Social Schools. This event is only accessible for current students of the Hollandse School. You can buy tickets via this link:

Friday 8 May 2020
Royal Gala

The best way to finish off the 100-year anniversary! This will not be “just a party”, no... this evening will be one of “grande allure”. We will toast to the 100th birthday of the school in the tropical setting of Singapore. A unique achievement that deserves an exceptionally beautiful Royal celebration! The Gala starts at 8:00 pm. Keep an eye on the website and Social Schools for updates on the location, dress code, and get yourself party-ready! The Royal Gala is only accessible for current and former students, their parents, (former) staff and sponsors. Children under the age of 18 years are not allowed entrance. You can buy tickets via this link:

We look forward to welcoming you soon! 

HSL100 Commissie
Meino Meines
Linda Lulu Lupgens
Joost Broekmaat
Christine Hogebrug-Pannenborg
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